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Health, Accessibile, Sustainable Workplaces Start Here.

First Gulf is building the offices of the future. We're leaders in the development of Class-A office buildings, including features and systems which create healthy work environments, reduce long-term maintenance, and decrease renovation costs. Partnering with some of the best design teams in North America, we focus on efficiency and sustainability, producing office space where tenants can feel (and measure) the improvement. From extremely efficient floor plates, to raised access flooring, to energy modelling systems, our team works hard to make it easier for tenants to build into their new space and create functional work environments that truly work for their employees.

But our vision also goes beyond the building itself, extending to the surrounding neighbourhood. Many of our office developments across the GTA are concentrated around transit hubs, making it easier for tenants to get to and from work every day. In fact, visibility, accessibility, and walkability are some of the primary drivers behind our most successful office-centric initiatives. We've worked hand-in-hand with transit authorities, municipal leaders, and surrounding neighbourhoods and businesses to ensure that any proposed developments work for the entire community.

Why do we think about these details? It's our way of turning one of the biggest decisions a company can make into one of the easiest.

First Gulf has become the first choice for office leasing, development, and construction in and around the GTA.